2018 Photos

2018 Women of Color Workshop

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September 2018 Institutional Representative Workshop 

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February 2018 Annual Conference – Hilton Head, SC

2017 Photos

2017 Annual Conference – Greenville Technical College

2017 SCWHE Conference Scholarship Recipients

2017 SCWHE Conference Scholarship Recipients

2017 SCWHE Conference Leadership Panel

2017 SCWHE Conference Leadership Panel



Dr. Terrie Smith and New Board Members During Board Retreat


2016 Annual Conference – Charleston Southern University

2016 Conference Session 6     2016 Conference Session 3     2016 Conference Piper Award 1

Dr. Kim Bobby, ACE,            President Advisory             Dr. Karen Gainey is the
presenting “The ACE            Board Panel                         2016 Martha Kime
Moving the Needle,               Discussion.                          Piper Award Recipient.


2016 Conference Scholarship Attendees     2016 Conference Dinner 2     2016 Conference Dinner

Conference Scholarship      Award Dinner Cruise in         Dinner Cruise aboard
Recipients.                            the Charleston Harbor.          the Carolina Belle.