What’s Happening in SCWHE

Are you new to academia and looking for ways to connect with other scholars in or outside of your field of expertise? Need to jump-start your career and are looking for mentors to guide you? Then the annual conference is a wonderful opportunity for you! The annual conference is an outstanding way to introduce a professional faculty, staff member, or graduate student to the remarkable women that make up the South Carolina Women in Higher Education (SCWHE) and to the benefits of SCWHE participation.

SCWHE is a partner of the The American Council on Education’s Inclusive Excellence Group which provides the national direction for women’s leadership development and career advancement.

Next Event: SCWHE Institutional Reps Fall Workshop
September 18, 2015
9:00 AM – 1:30 PM
University of South Carolina, College of Information and Communications

The workshop program will focus on your role as representative for your institution and ways to increase your professional effectiveness.  This one-day professional development workshop includes morning coffee, muffins and lunch at no charge. RSVP by Friday, September 4th using the registration form, 2015 IR’s Fall Workshop.  For more information, see News / Events page.